Welcome on Gospel Tour with Bothnia Gospel 100!

Bothnia Gospel 100 is a joint project between Singsby Choir, Kvevlax Choir and Helsingby Choir. We conduct a tour with gospel music in eight churches in Ostrobothnia during autumn 2017 and spring 2018. The project ends with a concert trip to Texas,USA, in July 2018.


Date             Place
March 13 Malax church
April 8 Kvevlax church
May 11 Vaasa church
July 5-16            San Antonio, Texas













Otto Palmborg is a singer, songwriter, producer and artist and is currently active in his pop/soul band "SVEN". He also functions as a troubadour with his party band "River E" He is also writing and producing songs at Sugarhouse Publishing in Vasa where the focus is to target the International and Asian music market.